Friday, November 8, 2013


From Teri Hanson - My Word for Today - PEACE. From our 6am Worship service at a large Haiti Church to massaging aloe lotion onto arms, legs, backs, chests, hands of girls & women at The Hospital for Sick and Dying Adults and Children to the Haiti General "Hospital", Peace reigns in the hearts of these Children of God. You might call it resignation...I feel it in my aching heart as Peace. Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ spoke the words to His Disciples in John 14:27, "PEACE I leave with you; my PEACE I give you." He does not lie! In ALL circumstances we have His PEACE. These lovely sick & dying people are true inspirations of this Peace. I am humbled. I never ever want to forget this tough lesson Jesus pressed into my soul today. God is SO good! XO Minnesota

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